Wear White with Pride


Let me share something with you about wearing a printed white outfit. Wearing prints is something that I always enjoy especially when I want to make a good impression and receive good feedback. I feel that white is my strong color aside from red.

It brings that classy and sophisticated vibe especially when you pair it with gold.
Gold accessories tend to pop whenever you pair it with basics and for me mixing prints, gold and white are about executing or mastering the art of layering.

For this look, I chose to wear plain white pants and shoes to complement the printed top that I personally designed with a gold lip ring and earrings to keep the look on point.

Also, whenever you choose a background I recommend you choose a place with good lighting so your accessories will shine and your whole ensemble will look complete.

I must also emphasize if you keep your background as plain as possible or for example like in this picture, I chose a huge chandelier as a background to keep the emphasis on the look as the focal point, it will highlight your features and you whole vibe when you face the camera!

Fierce Tip: Whenever you wear a printed outfit, always go with gold or silver with your accessories to keep the look well polished and on point.

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