Today, I want to share with you a bit about the love I have for tiny glasses. They may or may not currently be on trend, but I always tend to choose tiny glasses because they accentuate my features. Especially when I do street style looks with my sleek back hairstyle.

I find the tiny glasses trend to be very edgy and they get paired so well with pretty much all of my outfits! But sometimes when people tend to overdo it with casual looks, I feel it looks terribly tacky.

My personal style is always evolving but my love for sunglasses will always be tiny or the highly exaggerated styles that can even hide my past lol! Though, jokes aside, I always love creating a statement look. Paired with my sleek back hairdo to complete the ensemble I wish to achieve, especially during fashion weeks.

Honestly speaking whenever I work on the conceptualization of my looks for fashion weeks or whilst traveling, I need my team to do thorough research for me. Focusing on the latest trends and upcoming brands that are edgier and don’t break the bank. Something that is not terribly pricey but has great quality!

I must add, the preparations for my street style looks are never easy as I and my Fierce Team take approx. 3 months or so just to pull off flawless street style looks. I may sound crazy but this is literally how long it takes for me to show my creativity and vision through my work. I need to be able to wear and feel the ensemble first before I share it with others.

This is also how I review many products that are sent to me by PR companies. If I genuinely feel like something just doesn’t resonate with my style, I return them politely and explain to them that it doesn’t compliment my look or the FIERCE image I wish to portray.

So here are my top picks for tiny glasses.

PS: I will regularly keep updating this post with more of my suggestions, so always check back. As like I said, I am truly a big fan of tiny glasses and the exaggerated ones.

Here are my top picks:
Poppy Lissiman – https://poppylissiman.com
ROBERI & FRAUD – https://roberiandfraud.com

My name is Ryle Tuvierra and I’m a Fashion Curator, Art Director and Social Media Strategist working across the Middle East and the UK.

Let me start by saying my warm greeting to all of you.

“Slay Fierce, We are Born This Way!”

As I open a new chapter in The Fierce Walker’s journey I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting me for all these years. In this new first blog post, I would like to share with you my new look and identity.

As my way of giving back to my dedicated followers and friends, I will share here all my knowledge, skills and new learnings for you to try.

I will talk about my personal life, style, adventures, travel, skin secrets, techniques and some exclusive stories about people who are redefining the word ‘fierce’.

You will be the first to read my latest stories here and I will make sure you will love them as much as I do. These will be stories that touch me and inspire me to move forward. The Fierce Story of my Fierce MAMA, my past and also future plans for my personal brand. Let’s keep all of these things light, simple and on point as I am very straightforward to each and every one of you. My blog posts will be as light, humble, simple and straightforward as I am.

To people who are new to The Fierce Walker, first, I would like to say that you are fierce, fabulous and welcome to my fierce space. I hope that you will like all the content that I’ll be sharing with you all here.