If you are like me, your fashion journey was jumpstarted by playing like a model, then you are 101% going to love these: below, 7 pairs of fabulous and comfy mules you can actually wear during Summer! I am sure that you will love walking and slaying on them without worrying that your feet will get hurt. Say goodbye to bandage and it’s time to Pose and Slay like a Fierce Slayer this Summer.

Here are my top picks:

Manu Atelier Mules


Le Monde Beryl




Cult Gaia


The weather’s still quite conducive for that awesome slaying moment of your life with your boots! It’s time to level up your shoe game by adding up some sass to your style this season.

Especially since Fashion Week has already started, it’s time to show up and be on your A game (those boots are made for walking fierce! Werq that look!) Yes! That would be your motivation to slay and wear those boots this season.

Whenever I choose a pair of boots, I always make sure that the heels are high. Since I have big legs, I find high heeled boots elongate my legs even further than they already are. And when I pair high heeled boots with a long top and skinny pants, It immediately creates an illusion of a taller and slimmer version of me.

Fierce Tip: Always choose a color that is versatile with every outfit. White, Black, Champagne, Red, and Nude boots are my top choices for colors to pick from. And remember, “The Higher The Better, The Closer To Heaven”.

Therefore in my Fierce opinion, this is how you should slay your boots with confidence. And always make sure that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Though on a side note, always keep a jar of vaseline and a box of bandages on you at all times! Nobody ever said Fashion was meant to be easy!