As you all probably know by now, my love for Ear Cuffs is unparalleled to any other. And let me tell you exactly WHY.

My love affair started when I saw Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz wearing an encrusted Repossi ear cuff during Paris Fashion week. And then when I saw Catriona Gray wearing the Iconic “Alab at Dangal, during Miss Universe 2018. That was the redefining moment for me!

Mind you, ear cuffs are not actually a new trend in fashion, in fact, they have been used by people from various cultures since time immemorial. They were a piece of staple jewelry during the Art Deco era and many socialites would be seen adorning them during the 1950s.

I personally find it to be a very chic and unique accessory, especially if its paired with the right hairstyle. It’s something that adds drama to the whole look, whilst focusing on a hairstyle or when taking angled shots.


For me it’s always been about wanting to achieve a polished look and in order to achieve that, one must have a “focal point” for the whole look. It basically means, where do you want to focus more, which area in your look would you want to accentuate or give more emphasis?

Fierce Tip: Always focus on elements or jewelry that don’t require TOO much attention but more like pieces that add drama or glamour.

I often find it very useful for me whenever I attend evening events. Especially since I feel it’s always the least expected accessory to be adorning. And since I always love being EXTRA, here are some of my top picks for ear cuffs.