When I checked out the latest collection of Fendi Menswear Spring 2020 Collection, All I could think of was a perfect Italian getaway in Lake Como. Picnic-Ready! is the term that I would use to describe the looks.
A perfect Italian tour in a very classy way. I just love the sunglasses, It gives me that space ranger kind of look.
I also want the layering of prints in different elements.
The color combination of muted pastel colours and black is what we all need when we travel, always go for a Classic look! You will never go wrong with neutral colours with crisp silhouettes. I also would like to make points on the casting of models, It is diverse and something men will relate to when it comes to the looks. I love that they are using different types of models with color and also how they make the styling of each looks well cohesive in terms of the overall sharpness of the look. I want to see more brands embracing diversity when they do casting for models.
Here are my top picks from the collection:


Ready for a Safari trip? When I saw the latest collection of Etro Spring 2020 that tribe inspired looks are something that I will wear on a perfect Inca getaway or a trip to Lima. The solid mustard yellow coat is a must-have, the fully detailed bomber jackets and muted coloured trousers are my choices.

I feel like they are also killing the styling looks as it has a good play of mix and match and color combinations though some women’s pieces are simple for me as it doesn’t level up the expectations I have since It’s all about the tribe prints, over the top layering and unique accessories.

Here are my top picks:


I’m breaking up with a simple life. I want a big life, I want greatness and I want to make an impact on people. I just want to admit it even though it feels uncomfortable to admit.

I’m done lessening my desire. Simplicity sounds like something I should want. But, honestly? I want my life to be stunningly, crazily, stupidly complex.
I too have yearned for a simpler existence, a metaphorical cabin in the woods away from the pressures of modern life. I have downsized and minimized both my physical and emotional needs. But, I look at greatness and I wonder if the greatest thinkers and innovators would have amassed their influence had they tampered down their desire, their ambition, their hunger for something larger than simple pleasures.

In my experience, downsizing my ambition, wants, needs, desires has always been a product of fear. The lower my expectations, the less room for disappointment, failure, struggle.
If I can make my wants small enough to achieve them with ease, then I will never suffer.
I will also never strive, achieve, impact.
That’s a dangerous game to play with yourself because what seems virtuous can also seem a lot like making yourself small enough to bow down to fear. While I am against blind consumption, I am also against the idea that we should make our lives as small as possible, to never strive, to stop dreaming of impact and change.

Giving up on high expectations looks an awful lot like giving up on yourself.
Because the truth is that it’s scary to dream. It’s scary to risk disappointment and failure and the possibility of finding out that your dream may not be your future.
But, we all inherently understand that great things usually are born from great risk. If we are given just one life, why would we ever want to make our wants and desires and needs so small? Why would we want to simplify ourselves down when we can live in the messy and beautiful world of complexity?

I understand the desire to simplify and it seems legitimate. It seems like a good idea to stop striving and to be present enough to enjoy what is now and happening and here. I do not advocate that anyone trade on their present misery for a future payoff. But, I don’t know that present gratefulness should ever cause complacency.

Special thanks to Elisabetta Franchi for my whole look 

While I thought simplicity and fewer expectations and less desire would bring me more gratefulness, all it really did was leave me nothing to look forward to, nothing at all ahead in my life to work toward. Life is long and dreams keep you alive and purposeful.

Simplifying my life down to being grateful for just the smallest things improved my state of mind in some ways, but overall brought me a sense that no future joy was available, that if this is the best there is, then why keep going? Why do nothing but maintain?

Yet, we are not built for maintenance. If we were, our world would not have progressed. We would not be innovating or improving. We would simply be existing. This world does not need more mindless consumption, that is for sure. But we do need more hope, more people brazen enough to believe that there is always more impact, more work that needs to be done to bring a better world.

Make your wants small if that’s your desire. But, if it’s out of fear, that’s a slippery slope. Because if you’re trying to fit yourself into a smaller life in order to avoid the risk of trying, then how satisfied can you really be? If the pursuit of simplicity is born from a panicked need for easy, then I would reassess. Is that what you want from your one life? To want less in order to try less?

Location: Palazzo Versace Dubai

Photographed by Lakshik Perera