It’s currently raining right now here in Barcelona, Spain and under the current circumstances, there is never, ever a bad time to wash your hands. This results in a few things we may not have noticed right away, but are now thinking about, increased handwashing has on our rings, bracelets, and watches—especially those that are sentimental to us. I noticed that some of my favourite pieces are turning into black and it’s losing its natural colour due to constant washing and the water. Yes, you are right the tap water we use can affect our favourite statement jewelery pieces that we love to wear. 

Here is my tip to all of you on how I clean my statement jewelry pieces.

  1. The best and simplest way to clean your rings, bracelets, and necklace at home would be to fill a bowl with warm water and a squeeze of dish soap, then soak your ring in there and scrub with a clean toothbrush.
  2. I also put on each separate cloth case to protect them from scratch.
  3. Giving a name tag on each piece will help to find the right jewelry that I’ll be needing at the moment.

Stay Fierce and Safe!


Admit it! You love that EXTRA sparkle and shine whenever you go out! Who doesn’t?!

I often tend to bring out my blinged out earrings whenever I have a date with a very special someone in my life, or when I have a dinner date with people I truly admire. And the icing on the cake is with people I truly admire in the industry.

For me, it’s all about the quality, style, cut and attention to detail of the jewelry. I resonate mostly towards simple, yet edgy kinds of pieces. This way I feel I have more flexibility to experiment with my outfits and the earrings will just be an added accessory to get that on point look.

Fierce Tip: Whenever you’re looking to buy a piece of jewelry, whether precious, semiprecious or statement, always make sure that it’s classy and not just something that’s on trend. Choose something that you love and not just something everyone else is wearing.

I always trust my gut when it comes to picking pieces of jewelry. First and foremost, I envision how it would look with my outfits. Will it work well with my outfits and how many looks can I pull off with it without it looking too repetitive. Now don’t get me wrong here, I tend to repeat my outfits and jewelry quite a bit, but it’s just that I always find different ways to execute the looks so that they don’t look like something I might have created before.

This way, you will be smarter, yet fashionable with your choices. Especially when it comes to investment pieces. Always remember to invest in something classic and not too trendy as this will not only be kind on your pockets but will prevent you from buying things you don’t really need.


As you all probably know by now, my love for Ear Cuffs is unparalleled to any other. And let me tell you exactly WHY.

My love affair started when I saw Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz wearing an encrusted Repossi ear cuff during Paris Fashion week. And then when I saw Catriona Gray wearing the Iconic “Alab at Dangal, during Miss Universe 2018. That was the redefining moment for me!

Mind you, ear cuffs are not actually a new trend in fashion, in fact, they have been used by people from various cultures since time immemorial. They were a piece of staple jewelry during the Art Deco era and many socialites would be seen adorning them during the 1950s.

I personally find it to be a very chic and unique accessory, especially if its paired with the right hairstyle. It’s something that adds drama to the whole look, whilst focusing on a hairstyle or when taking angled shots.


For me it’s always been about wanting to achieve a polished look and in order to achieve that, one must have a “focal point” for the whole look. It basically means, where do you want to focus more, which area in your look would you want to accentuate or give more emphasis?

Fierce Tip: Always focus on elements or jewelry that don’t require TOO much attention but more like pieces that add drama or glamour.

I often find it very useful for me whenever I attend evening events. Especially since I feel it’s always the least expected accessory to be adorning. And since I always love being EXTRA, here are some of my top picks for ear cuffs.