Fierce, I’d like to share one thing with you about handbags. “OH HOW I LOVE THEM!”, like literally I really love them. You might not see me carrying a handbag at all times, but when I go out I always make sure that it’s on point and unique with my whole look.

I feel an accessory such as a bag should always compliment your entire look and it ought to add a different element once you slay it.

I’ve tried carrying a lot of different handbags over the passage of time because I grew up with my Aunt and Grand Mother who are huge fans of vintage Chanel handbags. I was always surrounded by ladies in my family who loved designer brands, but over the passage of time, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always about the brand. For me it’s got more to do with the craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and of course the color that holds a lot of importance as well.

A good handbag can either make or break your entire look. It can help you achieve a well-polished look thus can prepare you for anything. For example, at events, meetings or just casual gatherings a good handbag that compliments your whole look goes a long way.

Also, I must add one more thing, that while always being on the go whether running from one meeting to the other or traveling to different parts of the world, a good handbag can save your whole look from a major fashion faux-pas!

Just an example, for a classic and elegant look, you could be wearing a full black outfit and only have 1 accessory. Such as carrying a heavily beaded encrusted gold handbag. Voila! Chic and Classy!

Being too plain is way too boring and nobody wants to be boring now do they!

So here are a few of my top favorite handbags of the season:

 DELVAUX – https://www.delvaux.com/en/

SHRIMPS – https://shrimps.store/us/shop/shop-by-category/bags/

 BOYY BOUTIQUE – https://www.boyybag.com

4. TONYA HAWKES – http://www.tonyahawkes.com

MARIE DE LA ROCHE – https://www.mariedelaroche.com

CHYLAK – https://chylak.com/en

MANU ATELIER – https://manuatelier.com/shop.html