Fierce Life Lately: What I’ve Been Doing During Quarantine

Full Look: Top Revolve (lovers and friends), Skirt Rya Miri and Boots Tamara Mellon

Icon Knee High 105

Photographed by Ron John


My aim for today is to share with you the ubiquitous power of Slaying. I’m here to share a pure message of the universe to us. A lot of my followers on my social media channels believed in the power of the universe. How we see things from a different perspective to attract positive vibes towards our hopes and dreams. We were all lost under the same sky.

Together we will be able to surpass this pandemic if we will look at other things that will make us productive. The universe wants us to reflect, re-evaluate our work, focus on the good things, spend more time with our family and find ways to make our life productive.

I am trying new recipes, styling myself to improve my look, elevating myself by attending webinars and online classes for my professional work and passion.

“Broaden your horizons. Become well-rounded, learn a new language, read more books, watch classic films, eat new food often and explore different cuisines, travel often, Subscribe to magazines with useful information, improve yourself.”

I know that you can do it as well. It may be hard for now to stay positive due to our current situation however, nothing is permanent in this world. I am sure that we will surpass this pandemic and we will be much stronger as individuals more than ever.

Slaying is a word that I always use whenever I want to reinforce my thoughts and turn them into action. I always use the word Slay for me to stay ahead of the curve by finding ways that will make me more knowledgeable into something most especially if I am interested. We all do have those moments that we will feel down and blue. It’s okay! Nothing is wrong with that as long as you know your end goals are.

We may be heading to a new kind of normal, but we’ll get there. We’ll get back to the dreams we had to put on hold, and we’ll be able to start building new ones. Let’s make sure we can look back on this time of uncertainty and feel proud of the way we lived through it.

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