Wearing Darin Hachem


In life, we can never avoid the struggle. it is universal. We all feel it and all are changed by it.
The coping stage will always be different on every individual and their varied mechanisms with which they find peace and happiness.

In this society where it is now filled with such strife and discombobulation of everything around us. it is a place that is suffocating, and this makes it even more difficult to find positivity in struggles and pain. It’s no wonder so many people feel rushed to find where they belong and where exactly they fit in in a wonky puzzle.

Let me tell you this, despite everything around you. Don’t forget to be just you! own everything with enthusiasm and power within you. You have the power to control your thoughts, words and how you live your life. Everyone is fighting their own battle. But what makes you different?

You are stronger than you realize. You’re a warrior whose fight does not go unnoticed. You have been thrown some very difficult challenges, but you fail to back down and fail to cower in fear.

At the end of the day, you watch the sun go down with pride, looking forward to the next day with a one of a kind enthusiasm and exuberance.

You have the strength of both a queen and a king, and you have the mentality many could only dream of. You are a special person created with a unique purpose with a plan that will shine like the world’s brightest star. Hang in there. Good things are coming, Fierce!


Be it career, love, or having your own family, it is often that the waiting game is what makes us lose focus and be demotivated. You see, it’s not always about winning or getting what you wanted when you want it. It’s about keeping your faith and waiting for God’s perfect timing. It’s about getting yourself ready for that breakthrough that’s much bigger than you and the people around you can ever imagine.

the fierce walker
Location: Palazzo Versace

Life can be hard at times but sometimes waiting is the only option that you have and while waiting, you have to work harder better than anyone else around you. It’s all about finding the right balance in life and finding what truly makes you happy as a person. The journey will never be easy but it is going to be worth it.

the fierce walker
Photographed by Lakshik Perera
Outfit Details: David Snow x Elenny Sunglasses , Uniqlo Top & DKNY Bag

“You will learn, grow and evolve with your decisions in life by being adaptable to everything around you”

It will never be easy but it surely something that will make you stronger, fiercer and better you. Stay as you are and never let anyone dull your shine. That is the beauty of life as you grow older, you become wiser and better through time and challenges.


Stay Fierce!