Full Look: Top Revolve (lovers and friends), Skirt Rya Miri and Boots Tamara Mellon

Icon Knee High 105

Photographed by Ron John


My aim for today is to share with you the ubiquitous power of Slaying. I’m here to share a pure message of the universe to us. A lot of my followers on my social media channels believed in the power of the universe. How we see things from a different perspective to attract positive vibes towards our hopes and dreams. We were all lost under the same sky.

Together we will be able to surpass this pandemic if we will look at other things that will make us productive. The universe wants us to reflect, re-evaluate our work, focus on the good things, spend more time with our family and find ways to make our life productive.

I am trying new recipes, styling myself to improve my look, elevating myself by attending webinars and online classes for my professional work and passion.

“Broaden your horizons. Become well-rounded, learn a new language, read more books, watch classic films, eat new food often and explore different cuisines, travel often, Subscribe to magazines with useful information, improve yourself.”

I know that you can do it as well. It may be hard for now to stay positive due to our current situation however, nothing is permanent in this world. I am sure that we will surpass this pandemic and we will be much stronger as individuals more than ever.

Slaying is a word that I always use whenever I want to reinforce my thoughts and turn them into action. I always use the word Slay for me to stay ahead of the curve by finding ways that will make me more knowledgeable into something most especially if I am interested. We all do have those moments that we will feel down and blue. It’s okay! Nothing is wrong with that as long as you know your end goals are.

We may be heading to a new kind of normal, but we’ll get there. We’ll get back to the dreams we had to put on hold, and we’ll be able to start building new ones. Let’s make sure we can look back on this time of uncertainty and feel proud of the way we lived through it.

Wearing: Dress from Marella , Necklace from Elisabetta Franchi and Heels from Zara


As someone who comes from a Filipino background, I grew up spoiled by endless homecooked, mouthwatering dishes that any modern-day foodie would die for. Filipino food is near and dear to my heart and remains one of my absolute favorite comfort food options. However, since growing up, I realized how most people are not aware of the real Filipino taste and famous dishes that will surely win the hearts of many. For now, I am not sharing a Filipino dish. I will share a recipe of my favourite comfort food for an on-the-go person like me who works in fashion and has a day job on aside.


  • Sea Bass or Gilt-Head Bream (Per person: about 350 – 450grams when cooked in full, about 200 grams when filleted) or any other fish of your choice
  • A handful of Fresh Flat Parsley Leaves
  • White Rice Vinegar
  • Sesame seed oil 
  • 4 cloves Garlic
  • Ginger 1tsp
  • 1 Lime
  • Kikkoman soy sauce for seasoning

Mix all together marinate the Sea Bass for 30 minutes.

Cook for 2 minutes in 200 degrees, flip over, squeeze the lime juice into the pan and cook for 2 minutes more.

Thai Salad:


Bell pepper red and yellow
Green Chili
Savoy Cabbage

-Prepare the vegetables. De-seed the red pepper and chili and slice into thin strips. Finely slice all the vegetables into fine strips and shred the cabbage. Mix all together and set aside.

Thai Salad Sauce:
2 freshly squeezed orange juice
Salt for seasoning
2 tbsp of peanut butter
Sesame Seeds Oil
Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce

*Mix all the ingredients and add to the salad. Add peanut oil for a little after taste and roasted peanuts on top.

Serve the fish on top of a pile of the Thai vegetable salad, sprinkled with the sesame seeds and some fresh Parsley.


Writing improves my thinking. I love to write and showcase my work through visuals and with words that will strengthen my vision that is why I still keep on writing and making blog posts with my experiences and journey as The Fierce Walker. But business writing is very different from what you learned in school. Clarity matters above everything else, and when you’re pressed for time, you have to write fast. I think it’s far more important to write than most people realise.

Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them.

If you’re bad at writing and don’t like to do it, you’ll miss out on most of the ideas writing would have generated. Here is my general rule when writing: Write about stuff you like only.

I am always fascinated with fashion and the heritage behind every brand. I adore the creative vision of each designer and how they envision a woman who is wearing their design. Plus I always write to express my ideas and vision and not to impress anyone else or to please them.

I would like to share with you all some tips that will help you improve your online writing.

1. Remove every unnecessary word
2. Focus on clarity, not cleverness
3. If a sentence bores your reader, delete it
4. Make your reader smarter
5. Treat every word like it’s on trial for its life
6. Write like you’re talking to a friend at a bar
7. Eliminate anything that adds confusion.
8. Add colorful details.
9. Remove unnecessary words.
10. Invoke Curiosity
11. Make an Emotional Touch
12. Beautiful design is the cherry on top. Always focus on your making your sentence Clear.
13. Use analogies when possible
14. When you write online, you get compound interest in your ideas.
15. Great ideas take time. Keep on writing!

Top: Lol Fashion Belt: Dior Skirt: Stasa Design


There’s nothing more essential than a workspace that inspires you to be productive at home and not just because most of us are WFH (Work From Home) lately, but because a home office can do wonders for your mindset and productivity levels. Whether you run a business full-time, work as a part-timer or simply use a desk to pay your bills, I’m sharing 7 upgrades that you can make to your home office right now. I prefer a balance of comfort, style, and structure so it doesn’t feel too serious so most of my picks below will reflect my taste, approach, and functionality to my work. Keep scrolling for them!

Take a look and let me know in the comment section what you think!

  1. Whenever I choose a gadget I always trust something practical and the functionality to my work to help me move faster on my everyday work.
  2. Beoplay  H9 3rd gen

The only brand I trust when it comes to the headset, I love something that has a noice blocker which helps me to concentrate on my work most especially if I want to be creative.

3. Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port USB-C Adapter

This multiport USB-C hub by Satechi is a must-have for new laptop owners. The accessory has three USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C connector for charging, an HDMI input, and a gigabit ethernet port. It is also available for mac book pro-matching.

4. Glivarp / Bernhard

A good desk will help you to stay in focus without worrying about things might fall because of your broken desk.

5. Glazed Ceramic Plant Pot

Adding up an object to your home office will help you get inspired to be creative and give an aesthetic to your place.

6. Mirrored Glass Tray

Serving your hot coffee or herbal tea while working in a fancy mirrored glass tray will add up that extra vibe to your home office. Perfect for an instagrammable office space.

7. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic Air Purifier

Like all things Dyson, this air purifier is as stylish as it is rich in available features. The futuristic-looking device will not only rid the air in your home of allergens and pollutants via a powerful HEPA filter but also provide heat and cool air whenever you desire.


There are always a few certain things I look for in a hotel as I tend to travel very frequently. Of course, being visually pleasing and on point are two of my main choices! Yet, I always take into consideration the level of comfort, safety, and relaxation as due to my busy schedule, I need to get my beauty sleep.

So very recently I went to Adjara Batumi in Georgia and I stayed at The Sheraton Hotel Batumi.

The hotel has a very old Spanish era kind of building, in white, which is located near the Black Sea Beach.

From a fashion-oriented individuals perspective, I always look for a cozy bed and a good view and I must say, Sheraton Batumi never failed to provide me with that service. And more so, beyond my expectations.

I would wake up very happy in a cozy bed with a beautiful view overlooking the black sea. And then I would wait to watch the sunset in the afternoon as I’d rest from my slay earlier.

Staying in a place that’s away from home often gives me a little bit of anxiety as I need to take into consideration the safety of the place, the services they offer and also how I will feel during my stay.

Another thing that I am always very particular about in the luxury services that a hotel provides is an in-house spa. And at The Sheraton Batumi, I experienced the top-notch services provided at their Spa. I tried the Deep Tissue Massage and Aromatherapy Facial, I can safely say that the Georgian’s can compete with the techniques of the Thai people when it comes to massages.

Alaïa nude bag

It’s a new discovery for me as I experienced the service at the hotel and the packages they offer. The quality of the hospitality and the regular warm greetings of the staff always gave me a very good feeling.

I feel that this hotel deserves a review not just by what they offered me but also for the level of comfort I felt after this wonderful experience. And that is something I will always remember.

Georgian people treated me with respect and honor, which I am highly grateful for. The fact that they let me experience everything just like a local and yet let me explore their city as a tourist is something that I will highly recommend to all of you.

In Georgia, you will not only feel how it feels to be a local but they will also treat you like a local with respect and attention. 

Wearing Stella Mccartney  from The Outnet Styled by Sãmréèñ Kazi

To every one of you slaying with me, make sure to book your stay at The Sheraton Batumi as they will never fail to provide you with quality service, the best that Ajara has to offer during your stay. Stay Fierce!


Let me share with you something personal about my life. As an Asian, I was brought up in a family that at a very young age you need to know everything about the family businesses. That’s also one of the reasons I have not visited the Philippines for almost 5 years now, as much as I miss the Philippines but I didn’t want to interfere with my family’s businesses and I wanted to have my own career and own company.

I was trained by my late mommy Fhel and Grand Ma ( Lola Doray) to have my own vision and business in the future. I am now living it by handling my own brand and also helping other brands by better storytelling through visuals and narrative.


If I were a musically gifted person, I would write my feelings for London into a song because it deserves magnificent melodies, but nonetheless, consider these words my love song to you London.
I just wanna express my most sincere gratitude for your many wonders.

Whether it was a sensational first bite of fish n chips on Portobello Market or the subtly hypnotizing music found in every Underground station, London, you have given me something to look forward to every single day. Before I arrived here, I struggled to find a reason to smile, but since I have landed on your steady ground, I have no reason to not smile. You made my heart so happy! No words could express how much I love the feeling of being here.
You have beauty in every crevice of your existence. From handsome parks booming with life to street corners full of adventure and opportunity, I have fallen in love with your large array of interests and your effortless charm.
I remember the butterflies fluttering in my stomach the first time I set eyes on Ben. I was captured by his massive presence. It just goes to show that even a million pictures of something cannot compare to the beauty of the real thing.

Pants: Diana Arno Styled by Samreen Kazi

Handbag: Antoine Amato

Location: Carnaby, London

I remember the tears I shed in Shakespeare’s Globe when the actors stepped on stage to perform the opening scene. It had been a dream of mine for so long; I could not help but weep tears of joy at the realization that my dreams had become a reality. I was standing in the midst of history; in fact, I was often placed in the middle of a historically significant location, which is something I truly respected and admired throughout my days.
London, you’ve introduced me to a whole new culture. You turned me into a disgruntled Londoner.

I found myself getting annoyed by tourists on the streets who seemed to have forgotten how to walk and grinding my teeth in pessimism when some bloody person began to talk on the phone while riding the tube. I never knew I had this fiery energy inside of me. Thank you for allowing and even welcoming me to outwardly express whatever I please.
In your little pubs, I found warmth and comfort. Their home cooked food and rustic atmosphere left me craving more every time. Trying flavor after flavor of cider, I even grew to appreciate the burning sensation of your insidious liquid as it was pressed against my smiling lips.

Walking down the streets in my final days here, I take in the familiar aroma of your smoke-filled and hazy air, both remembering my initial distaste for it and feeling hopelessly nostalgic at the same time.
The gray skies fill my heart with joy. Their mystery and foggy persistence never cease to inspire me. I welcome the inevitable fall of rain as I walk through the streets unprepared with nothing but a light sweater to shield me from your droplets.

You will never know what you’ve done for me. You have made me incredibly uncomfortable, turned me into a complete outsider, drained my wallet with your currency system, tested me with your dry humour and confused me by your unnecessary “u’s in your words, but I fell in love with you just the same. You gave me a spring in my step, inspired me to be artistic, introduced me to a world beyond the bubble that I had attached myself to and for that, I can never truly repay you.

Photographed by Jamal @jamalopp

Here’s to the nights I couldn’t fall asleep, listening to the drunken songs of the South Kensington streets. Here’s to the severely underrated pastries you possess. Here’s to the beautiful strangers I met the gaze of on the train. Here’s to the architecture that took my breath away time and time again. Here’s to you London.

So thank you. I will never forget this amazing time that we spent together. You helped put the spark back into my eyes and I will return home with a new sense of accomplishment and pride. I am so lucky to have been able to call you home, if only for a matter of months. My heart has been sewn together with the Union Jack and a part of me will remain in this beautiful city forever.

So it is with a drawn-out sigh and the phrase “Mind the gap” ringing in my heart that I, at last, leave you. It’s been brilliant.

Special thanks to Black PR

You are my “Home”


Slaying’s never been an easy task, especially when you’re juggling your Personal, Work and Fierce life all at the same time. I firmly believe that having the guts along with a drive to execute everything flawlessly requires a lot of courage, discipline, and practice!!! And I mean A LOT of practice, even though sometimes failure is part and parcel of the whole process. Because from failure you get to learn how not to allow yourself to fail again the next time.

Sometimes I feel terribly exhausted with this whole juggling act. But then, I always try to look at the brighter side of things and it brings it all back into perspective for me especially in context to why it is that I am doing all of this in the first place. It all boils down to the fact that I absolutely love what I do and I am so passionate about it.

A lot of people don’t actually understand the word Slay. They tend to overreact whenever they hear me say it. But the truth of the matter is, for me, the word Slay is my expression. An expression or another term for, “boost your confidence” or “you can do it no matter what!”. This is how I always try to support and boost the confidence of those around me.

Fierce Tip: Whenever you feel down, always look in the mirror and envision what you are most passionate about. Ask yourself, “What drives you to be who you want to be? What makes you do what you want to do and achieve? And most of all, what is it that makes you the happiest about it all?”.

You have got to cut through the noise by just being YOU! By being yourself in this world full of non-stop noise on social media. If you’re feeling down or having a bad day, just stop. Take a break. A break which consists of staying away from all things toxic. Take a digital detox! Trust me when I tell you, I do it all the time. It’s the best thing you can do for your mental peace.

Love yourself Fierce!


A lot of you might not know that I have a day job. I am not a full-time Fashion Curator and Content Creator. I work for Mr. H Creative Agency as a Social Media Manager. I enjoy dabbling in a wide array of fields while maintaining my professionalism at work. Because, for me, my work ethic holds a lot of importance. And as part of that work ethic, I make it a point to always be well dressed at work because I usually have events and meetings to attend after working hours.

There are some things I make sure I don’t wear to work. I aim to keep my look formal, yet classic. Working with pieces that make me look well polished whenever I have meetings with my clients. I like to keep my hair tied up in a clean sleek ponytail. With just a light brush on my brows to complete my fierce look. And I always make it a point to keep extra clothes in my Burberry Bag before I leave for work. Because you never know when you might need to change up a look! Sometimes I wear extra layers inside, especially nowadays since it’s rather cold in Dubai so that I can easily pull it off after work if necessary.

Fierce Tip: Whenever you go to work don’t go overboard with your look! Always make sure to keep it polished, classic and aim for tailored pieces. A good coat in your wardrobe can be a magically transformative piece especially if you have no time to change and you want to go from a day to night look.

Keep yourself well prepared at all times whenever you step out! Your look speaks leaps and bounds about you and about how well prepared you are in life.