For me, my work is 100 percent reflects my creative vision, sense of direction, personal style, artistic approach, and my identity.
I feel the need to ALWAYS create a strong visual impact with my work to mirror the impact of the issues I always face in the Middle East. I rarely create a project that is shallow or doesn’t have a deeper meaning — that doesn’t represent my representation. I felt like it’s always about my identity and how I face things in life in a fierce manner.

I always want to represent a different part of modern-day life to people like me. That in this life, there’s a place for love, for work and your passion. At the end of the day, I always tell to people that “ It wasn’t a mistake to pursue your dreams, so dream big!”

Photographed by James Pouliot

Whenever I create something or do a project whether personal work or commercial I always look on a different perspective to approach a certain topic on how I understand it. It is always hard to pursue something for marginalized people like me, I always need to go beyond the expectation of others and the way I do my work. I can say that I am selective about the projects I choose to accept but it’s because I want to align myself on brands and companies that are aligned with my values and beliefs no matter what.

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“For me carving out my niche has been beneficial because brands and clients approach me already know exactly what I’m about to give and tend to view the project from the same perspective as me”

Representation matters a lot since it gives a voice to marginalized people and for me, that should always be the case. Having different opinions and voice will make something more relatable and authentic to people.


The boyhood dreams theme of the Celine Menswear Spring 2020 is a breath of fresh air from all the collections this season.

High-Waisted flares, tailored suits, and leather jackets are the hippie pieces that I love from the whole collection.

I also love the tiny bomber jackets and boot-cut pants so much! Since during Summertime, I usually travel to Milan and I often want something comfortable yet edgy whenever I have to tend to meetings. The whole vintage vibe is in full swing for Spring 2020 and they’ve elevated it to the next level at Celine.

Here are my top picks:


It’s the 10th Anniversary special of and I am so happy to share with you, my take on the fabulous collection of Simon Porte. The stunning collection that was showcased in the South of France in lavender fields whilst taking the experience of the word ‘Extra’, to a whole new level.

The colour palette for the collection is giving me that fresh and show-stopping vibe for Summer in 2020!

The Pink trousers and coats are giving me so much life for the ladies who strutted the pink runway.

Also, If one is to talk about Jacquemus, those instagrammable small bags are here to slay the Summer with such a different twist. It looks like they are showing a painting within a painting in the field.

I would definitely grab one of the big hats, especially the pink one as it’s giving me that Pink Panther kind of energy.

The looks are so sophisticated and light, perfect for a cocktail party in summer…

Here are my top picks:


My Favourite!

we Slay in Jacquemus!



Keep it cool and edgy with Raf Simons latest Menswear Spring 2020 Collection, red gloves pair with beige inner, orange gloves with a checkered top, lavender shorts with leather shoes is a juxtaposition of elements with lazy kind of look makes it more interesting.

For me, If I just wanna have to wear something for a lazy breakfast hangout with friends I’ll go with Raf’s latest collection as it is too casual in a way that colours play a vital role to keep the look interesting. Boxy shirts with distressed pants are what I need for a casual party. As it looks very simple and yet edgy cool.

Here are my top picks:



An interesting twist to your usual casual, Valentino Menswear Spring 2020 Collection is here to teach you how it should be done with right classic accessories. Leopard print sunglasses, camouflage print in blue and brown, pink coats and beige tops will definitely make your Summer look a picture perfect that needs a tap of likes.

What I find so interesting in this collection is that it gives me a feeling of a summer camp in the southern part of France. That chill and yet non-conventional summer look is what I need to see for guys nowadays. I find it interesting when a man knows how to carry a printed top with tailored pants. Valentino is one of my favorite collection this season.

Here are my top picks:


The first thing that comes in my mind when you talk about Acne Studios Latest Menswear Spring 2020 Collection is balance, contrast and proper proportions. Each look is screaming perfect street style shots straight from a casual night out with friends in Paris or Berlin.

Transparent necktie, leather pants with Camel-toned coat, Mesh top with a floral top are my top picks from the collection. I love how they balance it by sticking to muted colours. Mixing different elements and having a solid color can make the look work with proper styling. Acne Studios nailed it with a fresh approach.

Here are my top picks:


If you are like me, your fashion journey was jumpstarted by playing like a model, then you are 101% going to love these: below, 7 pairs of fabulous and comfy mules you can actually wear during Summer! I am sure that you will love walking and slaying on them without worrying that your feet will get hurt. Say goodbye to bandage and it’s time to Pose and Slay like a Fierce Slayer this Summer.

Here are my top picks:

Manu Atelier Mules


Le Monde Beryl



Cult Gaia


It Summertime! Slay the look with a perfect button shirt that will you stand out. Whenever I choose a button shirt I always look for something unique in colour, buttons, print, and fabric. I have 6 coloured pastel button shirts, 3 leather shirts, and 4 organza button shirts this season. Since I live in the Sandpit I choose something light and bold in colour. My everyday go-to look: button shirt + oversized coat + leather handbag + fitted jeans.

Always look for something unique and that can last for a long time. I usually shop at Net-a-porter, Farfetch, and Mytheresa

they have a wide range of button shirts every season and I buy during Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Here are my top picks:

Dela Va Li

Orseund Iris

Rejina Pyo

MM6 Maison Margiela

Marco De Vincenzo



When I checked out the latest collection of Fendi Menswear Spring 2020 Collection, All I could think of was a perfect Italian getaway in Lake Como. Picnic-Ready! is the term that I would use to describe the looks.
A perfect Italian tour in a very classy way. I just love the sunglasses, It gives me that space ranger kind of look.
I also want the layering of prints in different elements.
The color combination of muted pastel colours and black is what we all need when we travel, always go for a Classic look! You will never go wrong with neutral colours with crisp silhouettes. I also would like to make points on the casting of models, It is diverse and something men will relate to when it comes to the looks. I love that they are using different types of models with color and also how they make the styling of each looks well cohesive in terms of the overall sharpness of the look. I want to see more brands embracing diversity when they do casting for models.
Here are my top picks from the collection:


Ready for a Safari trip? When I saw the latest collection of Etro Spring 2020 that tribe inspired looks are something that I will wear on a perfect Inca getaway or a trip to Lima. The solid mustard yellow coat is a must-have, the fully detailed bomber jackets and muted coloured trousers are my choices.

I feel like they are also killing the styling looks as it has a good play of mix and match and color combinations though some women’s pieces are simple for me as it doesn’t level up the expectations I have since It’s all about the tribe prints, over the top layering and unique accessories.

Here are my top picks: