Full Look: Top Jakke London , Bottom NU Denmark and Hand bag from Thesis Crisis


Thinking about the future and the fashion industry is still uncertain at this time. Most especially with the growing cases of people who are positive to COVID 19. We think about the future in a variety of ways. The future is unknown, and so has a certain mystique about it. The uncertainty of the unknown can be disconcerting, but it can also be exciting, full of opportunity and possibility. It brings us to a point that we no longer know what will happen next. It is scary but at the same time, it pushes us to go beyond our imagination.

Thinking about the short and long term is different. Looking at Fashion, short term thinking is suitable for Fast Fashion, whereas long term thinking is more suitable when buying an investment piece. In our current society, we have become more short term focused, emails get a reply in a matter of minutes, instead of sending a letter by post, and waiting days to hear back.

To be honest, I think that with the influence of social media, tiktokers, and influencers fashion has become more accessible but at the same time, it has lost its spark of exclusivity.
Therese days seeing tiktokers and influencers who probably don’t even know what fashion is, being invited, sponsored and getting paid to fashion weeks, fashion shows, private parties, and showrooms of big agencies instead of people who have worked and studied to enter the fashion world make me confused.
It makes no sense at all when it comes to ROI and Media impact for brands because most of them don’t have an idea of how the whole fashion ecosystem works.

They don’t even make an effort to build a relationship wherein this city was built through connections and relationships. Perhaps there is an opportunity during this time while we are on our Zoom meetings and House party sessions with the people in the industry.

Everything has to change and it will all start when the PR’s, Agencies, Brands, and Designers will work hand in hand on creating new ways and new strategies to make the industry-exclusive and yet closer to the consumers. How we will make this happen? We will only achieve it if we will start looking at quality influencers, tiktokers, content creators, and raw talent that has real influence and flawless body of work.

I also get the opinion of my friend who is a well known Fashion Buyer based in USA, Lauren Kulchinsky Levinson.

I asked her about her thoughts about the Future of E-Commerce

“We can not say we want to be a sustainable industry and continue to promote and grow e-commerce businesses. The footprint from the boxing to the shipping on a plane then a truck to the home then 50 percent of the time having to be shipped back is not “sustainable “ or “ environmental “ the best way forward for the environment is for people to shop local businesses. Brick and mortar businesses truly have a wonderful opportunity for growth if they can figure out who and what they want to be.”

Her thoughts about the Future of Brick and Mortar

I believe in the future of brick and mortar.
The key is a well-edited, passionate, curation with a small staff who specializes in client’s needs and has product training. Everyone who walks in your shop should feel that they are in good trusted hands and that what they are spending their money on isn’t going to be over in 2 months or on sale in 2 weeks. I believe that a brick and mortar should never look overstocked or cluttered every piece should be loved and chosen for a reason.

“The word curation has been used for years and the store should be. It should be obvious what you are about from your product to your soap in your bathroom to the music you play.
The store needs to be a world.”

The speed in which the fashion has been pumped out changed over and poorly displayed in not just the big department stores has led to a lot of the downfall of many businesses.
How can a “world be created “ created and understood if it’s so transient and if it is not taken seriously enough to even hold its value on its tag price for more than a month?
No one wants to see 10 of the same dress on a rack they want to feel like what they are looking for searching for seeking out to spend their money on is special.

Trunk shows have become so overdone they have become boring and poorly managed they were originally meant to create exciting experiences for clients to actually become a collector of a brand they are now just used to place orders that may or may not arrive. Most of the time a client does not even get to meet the designer. No one wants to meet a brand rep.

Friends and family discounts… Everyone in the world is friends and family now and they are overdone.
Point systems are another form of discount they are not the way either, it is a vicious circle these discounting methods and the clients know it. You are just better off rewarding a loyal client with specializing In what they are looking for and giving them the best experience possible if that includes a personal friend of the business price it would obviously be well deserved.

Brick and mortar stores who have a solid storyline and try not to be everything to everyone and provide outstanding customer service will continue to succeed.
At the end of the day people who shop want to feel good, look good and know what they are purchasing suits them they want to know that they are being taken care of fairly and are important to the business that they have chosen to trust and support.

Changing how we think about the impact not just for us but for future generations too, feels like the right thing to do.

Full Look:  Top (Scarf by Liberty London) , Skirt Anonyme , Earrings Elisabetta Franchi & Handbag Vikele Studio


I know it may not sound appropriate to talk about extra spending on non-essential things most especially due to the growing numbers affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic, however, it’s probably no secret that I’m around clothes all the time whether it’s fashion week, events season or not. From one showroom to the next, I have no choice but to tune into the latest designer drops and trends. I’ve become ultra picky when it comes to adding clothes to my wardrobe since I moved here in Barcelona, Spain and have learned to ignore the nonessential things. That being said, if you’re striving to approach fashion more sustainably this year, I wanted to share the only 12 pieces that truly matter this season.

These pieces will ensure your spring wardrobe is updated yet on-trend, but most importantly, not wasteful!
















It’s currently raining right now here in Barcelona, Spain and under the current circumstances, there is never, ever a bad time to wash your hands. This results in a few things we may not have noticed right away, but are now thinking about, increased handwashing has on our rings, bracelets, and watches—especially those that are sentimental to us. I noticed that some of my favourite pieces are turning into black and it’s losing its natural colour due to constant washing and the water. Yes, you are right the tap water we use can affect our favourite statement jewelery pieces that we love to wear. 

Here is my tip to all of you on how I clean my statement jewelry pieces.

  1. The best and simplest way to clean your rings, bracelets, and necklace at home would be to fill a bowl with warm water and a squeeze of dish soap, then soak your ring in there and scrub with a clean toothbrush.
  2. I also put on each separate cloth case to protect them from scratch.
  3. Giving a name tag on each piece will help to find the right jewelry that I’ll be needing at the moment.

Stay Fierce and Safe!


Attending Summer weddings of our colleagues, friends, and family might be stressful for you most especially if you have a date and you want to impress him on your look. I’ve discovered some lovely, lesser-known labels you might want to check out too. For summer, I always love to wear sassy dresses in fresh palettes or bold and floral long dresses for that effortless and chic look. Lots of you asked me for tips on affordable yet original labels to shop a one of a kind Summer fierce party dress. I’ve listed 6 surprising brands where you’ll find a unique look that nobody else on the feast will be wearing too! Be bold and yet fresh without looking over the top.

Take a look and let me know in the comment section what you think!









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Wearing Georgian Designer: Tako Mekvabidze


I’m consumed by wanderlust. I want to explore the world and everything it has to offer. I want to be exposed to cultures that are different than my own. I want to meet people that change me. I’m in love with the idea of new chapters and fresh starts.

I’m in love with coffee shops in Fabrika Tbilisi. Sipping my coffee while I immerse myself in a new book that changes the way I view life. Pausing to watch the raindrops slide down the window. Realizing that this is where I was always meant to be.

I’m in love with small restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia while enjoying my mulled wine. Learning about the simplicity of life. Making a new life for myself.

Handbag: Tessa Collection

I’m in love with any place that makes me feel alive. I’m in love with the idea that I have so much left to experience.

Don’t be afraid to fall inlove over and over again on anything around you, you will appreciate more what life has to offer. You will appreciate more your life and your inner purpose as a person.


2020 is proving to be a great year for both the mainstream media and the fashion industry. Shows including PoseAJ and the Queen, Next In FashionThe Barking MurdersAnnihilation, and Fleabag, all feature ensembles of leading actors that bring diversity and Inclusivity to the big screen.

At a time when our society has undergone a magnifying glass effect on racial injustice, an underlying issue that has perhaps never been solved –only politely tucked away, it is comforting to find a burgeoning amount of positivity and inclusion in an arena notorious for bringing all likes of people together.


As a biracial person, growing up it was hard to find my mirrored reflection or family dynamic in the roles of the stars that graced the silver screen and mainstream media. Pursuing a likeliness to people that I felt connected to was something I met with a shy disappointment, a feeling that I find many other ethnicities and creatives like me have shared. 

Wearing: Bally            Bag: JEOi6   Artiste Wood

On the rise, portrayals of people of color and LGBTQ+ community that go beyond the sometimes overwhelmingly uncomfortable and continual roles as slaves, prostitutes or drug dealers or awkward immigrants provide a sense of hope and more importantly the inspiration to generations. Movies, shows, and series where we can be funny, or kings and queens, scientists, hackers, and even otherworldly whimsical beings all help build a sense of self-worth and imagination. 

Pictures can act as a love letter to the community telling you that yes, you are loved, you can be anything, and you are important no matter who you are or what you are.

We live in a time where our society is becoming more vocal about concerns in the realm of intolerance. 

It is encouraging to find directors, models, bookers, influencers, bloggers, vloggers, creatives, PR’s, producers, and actors that are open to sharing and showing us to celebrate how different we may come in shape, and yet are found to be completely connected. It is by education, and visuals, and telling each other our experiences, in which we come together. 


Let me share with you something…
Last month I went on a secret trip to Paris for 3 days to attend a very special event and meeting with 2 big agencies. It is something that I can’t wait to share with all of you. 2020 is such a good start for me to be honest because it gives me hope to push harder, level up my game and evolve my whole packaging as a content creator. Paris is special to me because it feels like my battleground in fashion, it helps me to try new looks that I haven’t try before and meet new people in the industry with the same way of thinking as me on a creative side.

I am wearing a new favourite brand from Copenhagen, Denmark it’s Baum Und Pferdgarten, I love this brand because they know exactly what quality and design really mean with their products.

Wearing: Maaike Top and Nyo Pants

As I slay the streets of Paris, my whole look blends really well on the whole aesthetic vibe of the hotel. I got a lot of good feedbacks with this combo look as I paired with my oversized Georgian brand based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I believe in building a wardrobe that is a good mix of luxury and streetwear brands. As much as I love to indulge in the seasonal trends, my regular purchases lean towards investment pieces with casual wear thrown into the mix.

Bag: Bottega Veneta

This February 2020, I will unveil the secret with my upcoming project for a brand that is close to my heart. Stay tuned for more slaying projects. Stay Fierce!



It’s January and it is the perfect month to start your 2020 with a bang. The best way to do it? Wear something sparkly to be at your most extra kind of look. For me, I always love wearing something bold and interesting outfits for my daily meetings and errands.

Location: Palazzo Versace Dubai

I want to keep my brand DNA strong and yet tastefully appealing. How to do it? When you pair a printed top wear something neutral and plain for your bottom. A good shoe will complement the look and a chic handbag to complete the whole look. When you wear a sequins top and bottom always make sure that your hair and make-up are simple and classy. Make you look on point by layering it carefully with the right accessory. For this look, I chose something edgy to make the editorial look strong and fierce.

Photographed by Lakshik Perera

I am wearing & Other Stories and what I love about the brand is that they always showcase curated pieces that are good for someone who is on a budget and yet wants to wear something special.

Outfit Details: Sweater & Fur Coat: Jakke London | Reversible Coat  by Flawless Coats


Have you experienced feeling a little down and you feel disconnected from everyone around you? Well, let me tell you something that I’ve been experiencing these past weeks. First of all, it’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s healthy.

When the people around you don’t understand you anymore, be alone. Listen to your voice away from their noise. Remember who you were before they imposed their lifestyles, opinions, and thoughts on you. Remember who you were before you met them or integrated yourself with them. Recharge your mind and your heart away from their energies. This is the time to be selfish. This is the time to ask for space. This is the time to find yourself again before you lose yourself in the crowd. Don’t wait until you no longer recognize who you are.

Photographed by Jamal Thomas

You need to be self-aware of the things around you. It will help you to become stronger and flourish yourself to be the person you always wanted to be. 

You’re starting to wonder if maybe you haven’t been making the wrong decisions but making the right ones in the wrong place. Saying the right things to the wrong people. Doing the right things for people who don’t appreciate them. Trying to live a certain way in a place that doesn’t support the kind of life you want. You need to go to a place where you feel safe and proud to live. Along the way, you will find all the reasons behind your struggles and pain. It will be the boldest and beautiful decision you will ever make in your life. Find yourself Fierce!


Outfit Details: Dress NÜ Denmark Fur Coat Jakke London

I’ve been holding this news for the past 6 months and I guess it’s time for me to share with you all my upcoming plans. 2019 was a very tough year for most of us and for me personally, I am grateful. I’ve traveled 10 times and I’ve experienced the worst things during 2019 but beyond that, I am happy for the person I am becoming. I am starting a new journey! Yes, you are right I am going to a new place and the beauty in starting over is that you get to let go of who you were in the past. You let go of what was holding you back and you let go of all the things that were weighing you down when you thought you were stuck – either in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

Why I am starting a new journey?

I want to evolve myself as a woman with substance. I want to grow as a person and find what truly makes me happy. At my age right now, I want to explore new things that I will never experience if I will stay where I am right now. — The beauty in starting over is that you get to choose.

Photographed by Jamal Thomas

You get to choose who you want to be this time without anyone telling you who you should be and how you should do it. You’re given a new chance to live life differently. You’re given a new lens to see life in a different color and you’re given another chance to redeem yourself, to fix yourself and get one step closer to who you always wanted to be.

When you decide to take a different road, when you do something that scares you and when you let go of something or someone that was holding you back – no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you care about them, sometimes they pull you back when you were meant to fly and sometimes they silence your voice when you were meant to roar.

Location: Buckingham Palace, London