As you all know, I have a certain inclination towards the rosy and peachy colours, especially when I want to go casual. I prefer to keep the look more towards the warmer tones as I feel it compliments my olive skin colour.
Now, for this look, I chose to wear an oversized vintage salmon pink coat that I got in Shoreditch, London. I chose to pair it with a black top and a pair of rusty copper pants to keep with the warm tonal shades. I also add a simple gold necklace to keep the look well polished and not too over the top.
Now, when it comes to my shoes, I move towards my favorite Joseph boots that I picked up from an online sale. Which keeps the look on point as I really love pointy shoes because I feel they give me that fierce vibe whenever I walk or slay.
Also, I like to choose a location that will keep highlighting my overall look. This, for example, is the backside of the restaurant that I reviewed earlier on.
And Remember, everything in the same family of shades makes everything get a hint of an editorial vibe
Fierce Tip: Always choose the same family shade of tones to keep your whole look well put together and add up some gold accessories to pop the tones and keep the look classy.


Let me share something with you about wearing a printed white outfit. Wearing prints is something that I always enjoy especially when I want to make a good impression and receive good feedback. I feel that white is my strong color aside from red.

It brings that classy and sophisticated vibe especially when you pair it with gold.
Gold accessories tend to pop whenever you pair it with basics and for me mixing prints, gold and white are about executing or mastering the art of layering.

For this look, I chose to wear plain white pants and shoes to complement the printed top that I personally designed with a gold lip ring and earrings to keep the look on point.

Also, whenever you choose a background I recommend you choose a place with good lighting so your accessories will shine and your whole ensemble will look complete.

I must also emphasize if you keep your background as plain as possible or for example like in this picture, I chose a huge chandelier as a background to keep the emphasis on the look as the focal point, it will highlight your features and you whole vibe when you face the camera!

Fierce Tip: Whenever you wear a printed outfit, always go with gold or silver with your accessories to keep the look well polished and on point.


Bonjour! Mabuhay! Marhaba!

Oops! As you all might have already noticed, I’m not French. I’m just trying to achieve a Parisian look during my trip to London. I truly love trying new things without losing my own identity in the process. I feel that by injecting some elements to your personal style, you can achieve very different looks.

In this Classic French Movie inspired look, I added a beret. I tried to give it my own twist whilst not losing the essence of the Parisian style because I didn’t want it too look too tacky.

Fierce Tip: If you want to add a cultural reference to your whole look, pick up only a few elements and use that culture as an inspiration to execute your own approach. This way, you will not only have your personal style evolve but also, will inspire people to try new things without hurting a sentiment or leaving a bad impression on or from that said culture.

My aim is to always share looks/styles in my Instagram posts, that I only try once because I find that I always fail to achieve that certain look again.

“When you do it, do it once but make sure you’ll make it perfect!” – The Fierce Walker

Therefore, this is how I prepare myself for any partnerships with local and or international brands. I keep my own values and beliefs intact so as to have my own personal approach and vision.


Admit it! You love that EXTRA sparkle and shine whenever you go out! Who doesn’t?!

I often tend to bring out my blinged out earrings whenever I have a date with a very special someone in my life, or when I have a dinner date with people I truly admire. And the icing on the cake is with people I truly admire in the industry.

For me, it’s all about the quality, style, cut and attention to detail of the jewelry. I resonate mostly towards simple, yet edgy kinds of pieces. This way I feel I have more flexibility to experiment with my outfits and the earrings will just be an added accessory to get that on point look.

Fierce Tip: Whenever you’re looking to buy a piece of jewelry, whether precious, semiprecious or statement, always make sure that it’s classy and not just something that’s on trend. Choose something that you love and not just something everyone else is wearing.

I always trust my gut when it comes to picking pieces of jewelry. First and foremost, I envision how it would look with my outfits. Will it work well with my outfits and how many looks can I pull off with it without it looking too repetitive. Now don’t get me wrong here, I tend to repeat my outfits and jewelry quite a bit, but it’s just that I always find different ways to execute the looks so that they don’t look like something I might have created before.

This way, you will be smarter, yet fashionable with your choices. Especially when it comes to investment pieces. Always remember to invest in something classic and not too trendy as this will not only be kind on your pockets but will prevent you from buying things you don’t really need.


The weather’s still quite conducive for that awesome slaying moment of your life with your boots! It’s time to level up your shoe game by adding up some sass to your style this season.

Especially since Fashion Week has already started, it’s time to show up and be on your A game (those boots are made for walking fierce! Werq that look!) Yes! That would be your motivation to slay and wear those boots this season.

Whenever I choose a pair of boots, I always make sure that the heels are high. Since I have big legs, I find high heeled boots elongate my legs even further than they already are. And when I pair high heeled boots with a long top and skinny pants, It immediately creates an illusion of a taller and slimmer version of me.

Fierce Tip: Always choose a color that is versatile with every outfit. White, Black, Champagne, Red, and Nude boots are my top choices for colors to pick from. And remember, “The Higher The Better, The Closer To Heaven”.

Therefore in my Fierce opinion, this is how you should slay your boots with confidence. And always make sure that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Though on a side note, always keep a jar of vaseline and a box of bandages on you at all times! Nobody ever said Fashion was meant to be easy!



How are you? I hope you’re all having a fab time!

I’d like to share something with all of you about SOLE DXB, December 2018.

So, I basically went to Sole on my own, not knowing what would happen since it was my 2nd time attending. I personally feel like the Dubai culture of street style is way more edgy and fast when it comes to fashion and culture. Especially the outfits and creations people tend to be wearing.

Over The Top, Neons, Bold Prints and Colorful Outfits with a touch of Arabic style and silhouettes are the main focal point for people during SOLE DXB 2018. As you all know, I had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Sportmax by Max Mara to slay their latest collection for Spring-Summer 2019. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity because I have always been a huge fan of Max Mara. And having to represent them at SOLE DXB was nothing short of absolute privilege for me. And the icing on the cake was having been featured in The Harpers Bazaar Arabia and Emirates Woman as part of their Best Dressed list for SOLE DXB 2018.

Whenever I get a chance to develop a partnership with a brand I always make sure that they don’t lose my identity as The Fierce Walker. Because that is who I am and that is the essence of the whole partnership. To showcase the design or brand through my own personal style or approach to the ensemble.

I often see a lot of people having problems with exactly this, because there comes a point in time when they begin to lose their identity in order to just make money or to land sponsorship. As for me, I will never get involved in a project I don’t believe in wholeheartedly or would actually buy the brand for The Fierce Walker. I firmly believe that integrity, personal style, and credibility go hand in hand whilst having a partnership with a brand.

Now, let me share with you 2 of the looks I did during Sole Dxb.


As you all probably know by now, my love for Ear Cuffs is unparalleled to any other. And let me tell you exactly WHY.

My love affair started when I saw Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz wearing an encrusted Repossi ear cuff during Paris Fashion week. And then when I saw Catriona Gray wearing the Iconic “Alab at Dangal, during Miss Universe 2018. That was the redefining moment for me!

Mind you, ear cuffs are not actually a new trend in fashion, in fact, they have been used by people from various cultures since time immemorial. They were a piece of staple jewelry during the Art Deco era and many socialites would be seen adorning them during the 1950s.

I personally find it to be a very chic and unique accessory, especially if its paired with the right hairstyle. It’s something that adds drama to the whole look, whilst focusing on a hairstyle or when taking angled shots.


For me it’s always been about wanting to achieve a polished look and in order to achieve that, one must have a “focal point” for the whole look. It basically means, where do you want to focus more, which area in your look would you want to accentuate or give more emphasis?

Fierce Tip: Always focus on elements or jewelry that don’t require TOO much attention but more like pieces that add drama or glamour.

I often find it very useful for me whenever I attend evening events. Especially since I feel it’s always the least expected accessory to be adorning. And since I always love being EXTRA, here are some of my top picks for ear cuffs.





Fierce, I’d like to share one thing with you about handbags. “OH HOW I LOVE THEM!”, like literally I really love them. You might not see me carrying a handbag at all times, but when I go out I always make sure that it’s on point and unique with my whole look.

I feel an accessory such as a bag should always compliment your entire look and it ought to add a different element once you slay it.

I’ve tried carrying a lot of different handbags over the passage of time because I grew up with my Aunt and Grand Mother who are huge fans of vintage Chanel handbags. I was always surrounded by ladies in my family who loved designer brands, but over the passage of time, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always about the brand. For me it’s got more to do with the craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and of course the color that holds a lot of importance as well.

A good handbag can either make or break your entire look. It can help you achieve a well-polished look thus can prepare you for anything. For example, at events, meetings or just casual gatherings a good handbag that compliments your whole look goes a long way.

Also, I must add one more thing, that while always being on the go whether running from one meeting to the other or traveling to different parts of the world, a good handbag can save your whole look from a major fashion faux-pas!

Just an example, for a classic and elegant look, you could be wearing a full black outfit and only have 1 accessory. Such as carrying a heavily beaded encrusted gold handbag. Voila! Chic and Classy!

Being too plain is way too boring and nobody wants to be boring now do they!

So here are a few of my top favorite handbags of the season.










Today, I want to share with you a bit about the love I have for tiny glasses. They may or may not currently be on trend, but I always tend to choose tiny glasses because they accentuate my features. Especially when I do street style looks with my sleek back hairstyle.

I find the tiny glasses trend to be very edgy and they get paired so well with pretty much all of my outfits! But sometimes when people tend to overdo it with casual looks, I feel it looks terribly tacky.

My personal style is always evolving but my love for sunglasses will always be tiny or the highly exaggerated styles that can even hide my past lol! Though, jokes aside, I always love creating a statement look. Paired with my sleek back hairdo to complete the ensemble I wish to achieve, especially during fashion weeks.

Honestly speaking whenever I work on the conceptualization of my looks for fashion weeks or whilst traveling, I need my team to do thorough research for me. Focusing on the latest trends and upcoming brands that are edgier and don’t break the bank. Something that is not terribly pricey but has great quality!

I must add, the preparations for my street style looks are never easy as I and my Fierce Team take approx. 3 months or so just to pull off flawless street style looks. I may sound crazy but this is literally how long it takes for me to show my creativity and vision through my work. I need to be able to wear and feel the ensemble first before I share it with others.

This is also how I review many products that are sent to me by PR companies. If I genuinely feel like something just doesn’t resonate with my style, I return them politely and explain to them that it doesn’t compliment my look or the FIERCE image I wish to portray.

So here are my top picks for tiny glasses.

PS: I will regularly keep updating this post with more of my suggestions, so always check back. As like I said, I am truly a big fan of tiny glasses and the exaggerated ones.

Here are my top picks:
Poppy Lissiman –