I used to hate when people got me cologne for my birthday. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful but you know how it is. Smelling like something is a really personal thing, and there are certain scents you like and others you can’t stand. I HATE anything “musk,” I don’t like to smell too “manly,” and I shy away from things that are too strong or “obvious.”

One of the first things I like to do when I have a boyfriend is figure out how he likes to smell. It’s not something you ask right away but I think you figure it out over time if you’re paying attention. You can tell what he likes because you’ll find the bottles laying about or you’ll smell him or maybe you’ll even ask him what he’s into.
“You smell nice,” you’ll say flirtatiously. And even if it’s not a scent you’d ever wear it smells so sexy on him, doesn’t it?

A guy who smells nice is like 10,000 percent hotter than a guy who is just plain hot. When you roll up to kiss him you stare into his eyes and focus on his lips, and every time he moves you get a whiff of his smell. And if you really like this guy every time you smell him or anything he’s wearing you’ll be reminded of him.

for now, I only like to wear three colognes from Hermes, but the one I love the most, and the one I wear the most often, is “Osmanthe Yunnan.” I’d splash it on my handbag, on all my coats and scarves in addition to wearing it on most days.

When someone approaches you wearing a fragrance you really like, or if they smell particularly powerful, you’ll notice them straight away. They linger.
Every bottle of “Osmanthe Yunnan” comes with a tiny bottle you can carry around with you. I’d always go through the smaller bottle first. And because you can carry it with you everywhere you can constantly reapply it throughout the day for maximum impact.

A signature scent is your way of leaving a mark everywhere you go.

Hermès has become my signature, and sort of statement most especially when I’m traveling and do special meetings.

Special thanks to Hermès Paris Team

Fierce, It’s 2019 and you know what it is!

It’s time for a new beauty regimen accompanied by a new glow!

Let’s all admit one thing, we would absolutely love to have healthy, glowing skin throughout the year. And for me, before all else, I always consider the quality and effectiveness of a product. I am very particular when it comes to the ingredients and the after effects.

Living in a sandpit like Dubai and traveling on a regular basis to and from London can be quite exhausting for my skin. Mainly because the weather is always very unpredictable in Dubai, especially during the summer. Therefore I need my skin to be well hydrated and moisturized at all times. And to be able to help my skin combat the harmful suns rays and crazy humidity, plus the fact that because I travel very regularly to London my skin tends to get very dry whenever its cold and it takes approximately 5 days or more to get back to normalcy. Which is why I always make sure that my face is camera ready and I am ready to slay anything without making my skin feel exhausted.

And let me tell you one thing, my skin wasn’t always at its best! The way its glowing and healthy all the time now.

While I was living in the Philippines, as you all know which is a tropical country, my face was very oily but when I moved to Dubai my skin became normal and now that I am always traveling to London my skin has become so unpredictable. Which is why sometimes I end up with breakouts.

So here is a list of all my top skin care products that I am sharing with you, that you might like to try and check. Do let me know which products suit your face and I’ll share more details about it.

Here are my top picks: