Being Real and Fierce in Life: Ryle Tuvierra – The Fierce Walker Life Story

Being Real: Ryle Tuvierra – The Fierce Walker

While  other style bloggers are upping the ante promoting their uber fab existence with all the perks that come with the popular blogger territory – the front row seats, the designer clothes and accessories, the limo pick-ups and lux hotel stays, all in all a glamorous Chanel-scented life, one Filipino has gone all out to buck the trend.

Style blogger on the rise Ryle Tuviera “The Fiercewalker”, a well-loved figure in the local fashion blogging community, known for his tasteful ensembles and a gift for wearing it well, recently dropped a reveal in his blog that serves as an eye-opener and an important lesson to share not only with his counterparts, but with people in general, in an industry where the need to keep up with the Joneses is a big deal, especially in the grand city of bling.

Ryle, who has a strong following to his blog and on Instagram, who recently got appointed as Dubai representative of Marriam Mossalli of Shoes and Drama and Niche Arabia, and who used to tell people that he is a merchandiser working in a fancy office because he was afraid of being judged, recently opened up about his real day job in his blog www.thefiercewalker.com.

He shares – “I Am Ryle Tuvierra and this is my noble job. I am a simple store staff in a 24-hour convenient store at the heart of Business Bay. I work as a normal store staff; as a normal person with no glamour. I cook fried chicken, spring rolls and fries. I clean the toilet from time to time, wash dirty cloths and clean the tables for customers. I do deliveries to apartments around the area and collect garbage for throwing in trash trucks. I am not afraid to be judged because of my real job.  I am here for you to know that not everyone you see in a person is real. All the laughter, glitz and glamour can sometimes be just an illusion.”

Ryle who says he has always been told by his two moms to always be honest to succeed explains, “I want to share my story because a lot of people think that if you are abroad and you are into fashion, then you must be rich and fab.  But the truth is that most of us are hiding the real truth like our real jobs, salary, and etc.  But we are getting this kind of attention because we get exclusive invitations to parties and events.”

Sharing how he makes it work, Ryle enthuses, “Yes, you may see me as the feisty Fiercewalker but when it comes to my work I am just a normal store staff always waiting for the customers smile and satisfaction with my service. I am so happy every time I get smiles and laughter from customers that forget I don’t get much sleep because of my schedule. I always find ways to make everything easy in my life.”

He adds, “Sometimes I work for 24 hours, managing my job and then blogging and attending events, but I love it! This is my passion. I have always wanted to be in the fashion industry since I was a kid.  So I fought for it and sacrificed so many things in order for me to be where I am right now. I know I may sound crazy or ambitious but if you really want something, you will fight for it and you will do anything and everything just to get it. I really love working in fashion and I think this is the only way for me to get to my dreams and goals in life.  My story is a mirror of everyone working abroad. I am working for my family and for my dreams.”

As for balancing his dreams and his day job he says, “You don’t need to be in a fancy job for you to influence other people and to get them inspired. I have to admit that I am dreaming that someday I will have a better job that suits my personality and my interests, but for now I will be a normal store staff from a 24 hours convenient store, serving the customers every day with a happy smile and a positive vibe for them to have a great day and be inspired once they step into our store.”

“Let everybody know what you are doing but never let them define you as a person and who you have to be in life. You have the free will to do whatever you want. Just use that in the right manner and right place so you can have a better future in life. ”

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  1. I am truly inspired and impressed with finding about your real true amazing existence , there are not many people who live a true and honest life and always try to impress people with glitz & glamour and forget their real self & being .
    I am so so glad to learn about the real lovely honest Ryle Tuvier and to know that hard work determination and passion has no limits in life , i myself started as a hobby and a passion and with so much not working for me i did not give up and pursued what i love to do and today from few of my own designs from a passion for art & calligraphy have my own beautiful jewellery collection with beautiful artisan pieces which make me feel so happy that today such amazing & lovely people like Ryle himself are appreciating my art & passion . Thank you and i cant wait to meet you the real being .
    Lots of love from Nadia @ collectionbynadia

    • thefiercewalker Reply

      We live in this world to find our purpose and for me, I found my calling by being true to myself and to the people around me. Breaking barriers and pave the way for people like me is what I am aiming for most especially for your kids who have a big dream. I am here to inspire them not to give up with their dreams no matter how big it is. Thank you so much, Nadia, for your kind words and support to me. It means a lot coming from you! Stay Fierce!

  2. I have read it twice, with teary eyes. You are an inspiration Ryle! And i am so proud of you. Glad we met through this blogging world. Stay fierce 💗

    • thefiercewalker Reply

      Thank you so much Gul e Zahra for the love and support! It means a lot to me.

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